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The Spirit Within

Ocean Resort offers a unique approach to getting away—and finding yourself.

Stiefvater grew up in the Black Forest region of Germany and immigrated to Canada 36 years ago. Typically for him (if the story of Ocean Resort is indicative), his transplantation to this country was a matter of following his instincts, looking out for opportunity, and letting life take him for a ride.

“A friend and I wanted to spend up to six months in North America. We went to the American Consulate and the Canadian Consulate. The Canadian visa came through first, so we went to Canada. At the time we had no preference but now I’m really glad I ended up in Canada,” he says. Instead of going home to Germany after six months, Stiefvater stayed put. His girlfriend from Germany came to join him, and before long the two had settled, got married, and were raising a family.

Back then, Stiefvater had no interest in spirituality or meditation. “I suppose I grew up as a Catholic,” he says, without much conviction. “I knew there was a God somewhere but it was not of interest.” He laughs.

God, as traditionally defined by mainstream religion, still doesn’t interest him much. “I don’t belong to any religion or organization. I believe everyone is on their own path,” he says. Freedom, salvation, enlightenment—it all comes from within, he says.

“All I want to do here at Ocean Resort is offer people an experience of stillness, of the quiet place within. When people are able to connect, we feel more whole, more complete, more accepting of ourselves. We’re doing such a good job of criticizing ourselves to death. But really, we have everything we need, right now, in this moment.”

Nothing makes Stiefvater happier than hearing that Ocean Resort has helped someone wake up to this liberating truth.

“Last night we heard from a man who has been coming once a week now for about four months to our Conscious Wednesdays. He told us he’s realized something very profound—that he’s just fine the way he is now. He used to worry and be anxious. Now he’s let go of that. He’s enjoying being in the here, in the now,” says Stiefvater.

Stiefvater’s sense of accomplishment is plain to read in his eyes as he looks around the well-manicured grounds of Ocean Resort. He has successfully made the journey from a shiver along the spine to the establishment of a sophisticated business and the realization of a vision. But most gratifying of all, he says, are these sorts of testimonials from clients.

“I love to witness people waking up to their inner world,” says Stiefvater.

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