Cars, Humans & The Environment

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Cars and Humans

Cars and Humans

Photo by Boomer Jerritt

• Canada has about 0.5% of the world’s population, anorexia
but contributes about 2% of total global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Syphilis
which contribute to global warming.  (Stats Canada)

• In 2005, slightly more than 23 tonnes of GHGs were emitted for each person in the country; this represents an 8% increase since 1990.  To get an idea of how much that is, contemplate that one tonne of emissions would fill an ordinary two-storey, three-bedroom house. (Stats Canada)

• In 2005, Canadians emitted about 747 megatonnes of CO2 equivalent of GHGs to the atmosphere.  Each megatonne would fill 1000 ordinary two-story, three-bedroom houses.  (Stats Canada)

• Twenty-three per cent of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are produced by individuals and families.  (Canadian Automobile Association)

• Light-duty vehicles (cars, SUVs and small trucks) generate approximately 12% of Canada’s greenhouse gases.  (Canadian Automobile Association) 

• An average household with two mid-sized vehicles emits more than 20,000 pounds of CO a year.  It takes 400 trees to absorb 20,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.  (Environmental Defense Fund)

• The average yearly cost of operating a vehicle can be as high as $9,000 a year, or nearly $25 a day.  (Canadian Automobile Association)

• SUVs put out 43% more global-warming pollutants (28 pounds of carbon dioxide per gallon of gas consumed) and 47% more air pollution than the average car.  (Bicycleuniverse.com)

• The number of motor vehicle registrations in Canada increased by 14% between 2000 and 2007, reaching more than 20 million vehicles.  (Canadian Automobile Association)

• As the number of vehicles on the road has increased, the number of persons per vehicle has declined.  In 1931, there were 8.6 persons on average per vehicle; since the mid 1980s there have been an average of 1.7.  (Canadian Automobile Association)