April & May 2015
amber robinson


Ticking Time Bomb

One tiny insect makes a giant impact on some people’s lives and health, and creates a medical controversy

“Many people who have not had significant fruit on their trees (and berry bushes) for years say that, once they introduced Mason bees, the trees cropped in abundance,” says Gordon Cyr, with a handful of Mason bee cocoons. “There is an incredibly huge market developing for Mason bees.”  Photo by Boomer Jerritt


Helping Hands

For Gordon Cyr—the Mason Bee Guy—building a colony of bees is a community effort

Rescue horse Noelle, saved from slaughter in the US, is fitting right in with everyone at Sweetwater Stables, including owner Heather Stewart (second from right) and from left, Amanda Bowman, Megan Truby, Lynn Truby and Chesney Truby.   “Noelle could be someone’s best friend for another 15 years," says Stewart.  “Essentially, that’s why I rescued Noelle.  I wanted to make a point and show people that amazing horses are being robbed of their future.”  Photo by Boomer Jerritt


Happy Trails

Rescued from the slaughterhouse, horse Noelle has gone from rags to riches

Andy MacDougall shows Danna Caudwell, an aboriginal support worker at École Puntledge Park, the basics of screenprinting during a tour for school’s Aboriginal leadership group.  MacDougall’s passion to help First Nations youth is ‘‘not just about art,” he says.  “It’s about entrepreneurship and learning a craft that is in demand both with art and technology.”  Photo by Boomer Jerritt


A Lasting Impression

Screen printer Andy MacDougall uses his expertise to help First Nations youth toward a brighter future

Photo by Boomer Jerrritt


A Sensory Journey

Local multi-instrumentalist Shane Philip follows his passion for music and film

George Brose has been to Africa four times to offer mediation training to almost 400 students.  His students range from farmers to politicians, and go on to train others who will help make their communities more peaceful for the generations to come.


Peaceful Resolution

Local mediation project trains residents in war-torn Africa to solve conflicts in a non-violent way

“What does it mean to be compassionate?  What does it mean to be loving and kind when you really feel otherwise?  L’Arche is experiential—it’s a school of the heart,” says L’Arche Comox Valley Executive Director Christine Monier at the organization’s Outreach Centre.  Photo by Boomer Jerritt


School of the Heart

Christine Monier finds out where she belongs—helping others in need

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